Learn to Fly…Online?

At first glance it may seem ridiculous.  Learning to fly online?  Doesn’t that usually involve getting in an actual airplane?  Well, there is a LOT of knowledge you need to gain along the way in addition to the physical flying of the plane.  It can be a stumbling block for those looking to get a pilot certificate, but dread mountains of textbooks.

There’s a way better way to learn the ropes. Forget memorizing a million acronyms – Gold Seal Online Ground School is your wingman for a smooth takeoff into the world of flight.

Why Gold Seal Rocks

Full disclosure:  I work for Gold Seal.  I was impressed with the quality of training they were producing and it turned into a job for me.  They initially hired me to help out with weather lessons.  I later branched out into a few other projects over the years, so don’t be surprised to see or hear me when doing your instrument or commercial training!

This isn’t your ordinary ground school. They ditch the snooze-fest lectures and immerse you in interactive lessons. Think 3D animations, click-through exercises – the whole thing feels like a cool video game, not punishment. Plus, they use something called spaced repetition, which basically means they feed you info in a way that sticks in your brain for the long haul. No more cramming the night before your test!Gold Seal Online Ground School

Your Instructor’s Secret Weapon

Gold Seal isn’t just about you – they get that your flight instructor plays a big role too. That’s why they offer instructor monitoring. Basically, your instructor can see your progress and tailor your flight training to areas you might need a little extra help with. It’s a win-win – you learn faster, they can focus on what you need, and everyone’s happy.

Pass the Test, Guaranteed

Gold Seal has the strongest guarantee in the industry. They guarantee that you’ll pass your written test on your first try and have a lot of fun doing it.  They have a massive question bank, practice exams, and flashcards to drill you into test-taking shape.

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Gold Seal vs. The Rest? There is No Rest!

Look, I’m not saying other ground schools are bad. But Gold Seal takes things to a whole new level. It’s engaging, effective, up-to-date and lets you learn at your own pace.

Let’s face it, becoming a pilot is already a pretty intense journey. Gold Seal makes the ground school part a breeze, so you can focus on the most exciting part – actually flying!

Gold Seal Online Ground School – your one-stop shop to soar through your pilot training. Trust me, your future self with wings will thank you. Now get out there and chase those dreams (safely, of course)!

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