License to Learn

As a student pilot, you may have felt a little overwhelmed at times by the shear amount of new information you were required to learn to reach your goal.  The “drinking from a fire hose” analogy comes to mind. But once the initial goal is reached (private pilot, recreational pilot, sport pilot) the learning doesn’t end.  Just ask anybody who’s been around flying for any length of time and they might just tell you the adventure has just begun! In fact, I’d argue that becoming a pilot only increases your thirst for knowledge in all things flying.  Just look at all the books, magazines and websites out there, including this one.

While my focus here at The Flying Weatherman is weather as it relates to aviation, I’d like to point you towards an organization that promotes all around safety by providing pilots with a variety of online learning resources.  The Air Safety Institute (ASI) has produced a series of online safety courses that both encourages learning and provides you with credit in the FAA Wings program.
By the way, the ASI is the nonprofit arm of AOPA, the aircraft owners and pilots association.  If you’re not a member yet, I’d highly recommend signing up. I’ve been a member nearly as long as I have been a pilot.The interactive safety courses cover topics ranging from IFR operations to mountain flying to the weather!

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