The Trees of Turbulence

February 18, 2019 wxdunn 0

After spending most of my early fight training days landing on an 8000′ runway at sea level…it was time for something different when the focus […]

Mets and Reps

February 12, 2019 wxdunn 0

     Part of learning to fly means learning the lingo of aviation. You will have to know many acronyms and abbreviations such as CAVU, VASI, […]


February 12, 2019 wxdunn 0

If you are searching for the “one” way to truly understand the weather…try being a part of it. To legally do this, you must fly […]

Icing…a Chilling Experience

January 11, 2019 wxdunn 0

Structural icing.   A Chilling Experience for Any Pilot. Let’s say you’re flying along, through the clouds (IFR ONLY, please) and you notice a drop in […]